About Us


"The Filipino-American Basketball Association of Metropolitan DC, Inc., better known as "FABA of Metro DC"was established on September 2001 by a group of Filipino-American volunteers from all over the Washington Metropolitan DC area.  FABA of Metro DC is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

FABA was organized to set basketball sport programs and activities for the purpose of establishing sportsmanship and development of youth, as well as adults, in the Filipino-American community of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC; more specifically to promote the highest ideals of fellowship, athleticism and fair play by providing recreation, fun and competition through voluntary participation.   It was also organized to provide education and training to young players on the fundamental aspects of basketball through basketball clinics and tournaments, and to conduct fundraising activities to support selected players in various ages, levels and skills to compete in basketball tournaments, both locally and nationally."


Officers and BOD


Commissioner:  Rolly Santos

President:  Ken Mendoza

Vice President: Vince Policarpio

Treasurer: Beth Mendoza


Katrina Cuevas

Bert Maraan

Youth Directors:

Kristel de Castro

Joy Canda

Developmental Trainers:

Ricky Magallanes

Kenneth Mendoza

Special Adviser:

Rudy Sinon